Сцены из сериалов. The Newsroom – 5

Сегодня у нас снова Уилл и Маккензи. Это не компиляция эпизодов, как две недели назад, это тот эпизод, который нравится мне больше всего. Совсем забыл об этом диалоге, он произошел во второй серии, он полон эмоций.
Обратите внимание как Маккензи, будучи продюсером, принимает на себя удар за провал, случившийся при подготовке программы. Редко такое встретишь в реальной жизни. Как правило, люди при первой возможности стараются снять с себя ответственность.

— Listen… you were in love from the day you met me, and for two years you were the man of any woman’s dreams, you know? You’d have these ways of doing things. It doesn’t matter. I didn’t know that I was in love with you, too, until..
— You cheated on me with your ex-boyfriend.
— That’s right! That’s what happened. I didn’t know how I felt about you until I was with him again. So technically, I wasn’t cheating on the man I loved, I was falling in love with the man I loved.
— While cheating on him with your ex-boyfriend.
— Yes! But you’re missing that technically it wasn’t cheating, though. The more important thing is that I fell in love with you. At the end of a romantic comedy that would make everything ok!
— There’s something I’ve always been dying to ask you.
— Ask anything.
— Why did you tell me?
— Because I wouldn’t have been able to live with it.
— Now I have to live with it.
— Would you rather I’d have been dishonest?
— Yes!
— Yes, I’d very much rather you hadn’t told me.